I have a passion for helping people keep more of the money they make in their households, assisting them in accomplishing their goals and having less stress in their lives.
Growing up, I observed my Mom doing three things consistently. She always paid her tithe, she always paid her bills on time, and she always saved. Even as young children, my Mom ensured that my brother and I always had a “Christmas Club Account” so we would be able to buy gifts.  
One other thing I observed. My Mom used a checkoff list to ensure she paid all bills on time. Using the checkoff list enabled her to pay off the mortgage on our home and to always buy a car to ensure she had reliable transportation and of course to fulfill her passion… SHOPPING!!!
My Mom had excellent credit. She used it wisely. I saw her struggle to some degree along the way, but she made it. Her exceptional money management skills on a slightly above minimum wage job ensured she was able to live comfortably throughout her life. She is my “SHERO”!!!
I followed in the path of my Mom. Applying those same strategies, for the most part, has kept me financially stress-free. Yes, I had a few ups and downs due to life situations, but I recovered quickly by relying on what I knew.  
As I learned more, I made adjustments along the way. I went beyond just saving to investing. I recognized that when you save, you focus on what you put in; when you invest, your focus shifts to what you get out… how your money grows.
My journey of reaching out to others to help them “build a relationship” with their money began five years ago. The principles of Robert Kiyosaki inspired me to learn more about how money works. I allowed cost to be a stumbling block. I did not see access for the masses. Fortunately, I was introduced to a program that shares many of the same principles at a much more affordable price.
You must be able to communicate to your money where you want it to go. Otherwise, it will be like bad children in a restaurant…all over the place. To assist with this task, I acquired several financial tools along the way. Additionally, I revised the “checkoff list” to create a spending plan which accomplishes more. Not only does it help to ensure timely payments, it increases credit scores when possible, and eliminates debt. It allows for planned savings to build an emergency fund. I believe these are foundational pieces necessary to get a handle on your finances so ultimately you will be positioned to invest in your future. Clients have utilized this tool to begin their journey out of financial despair.

My mission is to help families and individuals “Create financial stability today for tomorrow’s vision”.