Twila Guy

This is my testimony on how working from a Spending Plan has helped me and my family achieve our goals of getting out of debt. I sat down with a professional financial consultant Ms. Debra Williams. I gathered all my bills and truly took a good look at what was coming in and what was going out. As we worked our way through month by month I was so surprised that I was able to stay above water. But I guess when you get into a habit of doing something week after week, month after month even year after year you just become numb to it and do what has to be done to pay the bills. But now that I’m operating from the spending plan I have a better view of where my money is going and just how close I am to paying a lot of my debt off. Yes, sometimes I fall off and purchase something that is not in my miscellaneous budget but I regroup and get back on the plan. I now look and wonder sometimes how did I make it and try not to beat up on myself and realize I can’t change what has happen in the past but I can make my future better for my family. We have to learn to start where we are and continue to move forward.

–Twila Guy


Rosalind Cohen

I was in deep debt due to illnesses and being a single parent. I sat down with Mrs. Williams to get control of my spending habits and know where my money was going. I begin spending less on things not needed or that are not necessary to purchase. I begin with how much was coming into my household to breaking down every bill on a month to month basis.

I discovered that a lot of my money was spent frivolously. By working with the spending plan provided by Mrs. Williams, planned out on a payday to payday, I discover that I had money left to pay off my debts.

In the process, I have paid off 3 debts and raised my credit score 35 points. I am still in process of eliminating a few more debts by following the plan given to me by Mrs. Williams.

I made the decision to do something about my situation when Mrs. Debra Williams said to me “Ignoring the situation only makes it worse” it’s time to do something different.

–Rosalind Cohen


Josh Goode

Debra has turned my frown upside down!  I no longer dread looking at my account balances.  Instead, I am excited to see where my family is heading.  Small changes and income shifting make all the difference, and it does not require a major life change.  We do not have to count pennies, sell a car, or sell the house!  Budgeting is easily accomplished with a smarter, instead of harder technique.  I strongly recommend Debra’s services!!!

–Josh Goode